Bringin’ the life up

5 08 2016


First of all, Disappointment Valley had a TREMENDOUS rainfall event Wednesday afternoon and evening – to the tune of nearly an inch. The mustangs and I are dancin’ in the streets – well, on the range. Well, I’m dancing, anyway! 🙂

Here’s Killian, on a much hotter, much drier day, warning another stallion away from his mares. He could almost be dancing …



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5 08 2016

I’ve been trying to do online research about this. But I never have any lucky. Is Traveler still alive? I learned about him about 3/4 years ago. But I never knew then what info I had was current. I know I read the blog back in 2007 I believe…where he was rounded up and then released when it was proven the BLM did capture him. I’ve seen some video on his in the past. But in these current times when I try to read about him.. I never find anything. I named my RV Travel Trailer after him a year ago in August. Was thinking of him today. Thanks!!! (Love the blog!!)

I visited the Pryor Mountain Mustangs last Wednesday. HEAVEN. My first visit there. My first visit to Wyoming and even out West. I live in South Carolina. Hope to visit Spring Creek one day!!

5 08 2016

Yes! Traveler is alive and well. He’s an elder bachelor now and spends most of his time seemingly happily alone. Now and then, he’ll hook up with the young bachelors, but he never stays with them.

How cool that you named your travel trailer after him! 🙂

Maybe in early June or earlier, I posted a pic of him on the blog. I’ll look back and try to give you the date.

Pryor Mountain is an amazing place – and so many amazing mustangs! Sorry to read that you didn’t see Cloud. … It has been a while – November? – since he was seen. 😦 <— sad, indeed

5 08 2016
5 08 2016

Oh.. and there was still no sign of Cloud when we were there last Wednesday. We spent all day on the range. Sad face.

5 08 2016
Sue Story

Rain! Glad to hear it TJ. See, I told you it would work! 🙂

5 08 2016

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to get back in and see the ponds. It’s already greener. 🙂

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