Grand old man

8 06 2016



Elder Grey/Traveler is a bachelor now, but every so often, he shows some of that old band-stallion interest.



9 responses

8 06 2016

So right, a grand old man.

8 06 2016
Kathe Hayes

Gosh he looks great. Not all beat up like some of the stallions.

8 06 2016
Lynn and Kathy

Oh my! Can’t possibly describe how delighted we are to see this! He looks fantastic! Great presentation – has everything! Thanks tons for posting it!! 🙂

9 06 2016
Sue Story

He looks so good and so healthy! What a positively beautiful portrait of this gorgeous old guy.

10 06 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Yay for Grey! Always a pleasure to see him!

15 06 2016

He looks wonderful! How old is he now?

15 06 2016

No one knows his exact age, but he’s probably older than 20 … likely older than 25. Born and raised and living wild in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

5 08 2016

OMG, this made my day and week. THANK YOU!!!!!! Wow, he is sooo handsome. What a beauty. Thank you for sending this post to me. I really appreciate it.

5 08 2016

You’re very welcome. I called him Grey long before I knew he had an official name, and he has always been my very favorite. 🙂

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