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30 07 2016


A few days ago, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign alerted wild horse and burro advocates to some good news: BLM Colorado doing good things for our wild horses.

“Please sign the petition below to THANK BLM Colorado for leading the way in humane management that Keeps Wild Horses Wild! Your signatures will be hand delivered by our friends and wonderful wild horse advocates TJ Holmes and Kat Wilder, along with a thank-you card to the BLM. 

“Let’s give credit where credit is due and support the BLM when it takes important steps in the right direction! Hopefully, the ongoing success of the humane management programs in Colorado will encourage other BLM districts across the West to implement similar programs.”


“On Aug. 4, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Colorado will hold its annual public hearing on the use of motorized vehicles in wild horse management. While we are usually critical of the BLM’s wild horse policies, this hearing provides a rare opportunity for us to SUPPORT the progress that the BLM in Colorado has made toward implementing humane management of wild horses in that state.”

Please consider signing the petition – click here to go to AWHPC’s site – to let BLM Colorado know that you’re aware of the good things happening with mustang management in our state, and that you’d like to see these good things continue – and spread to other states and other herd management areas. At that meeting, Kat Wilder and I will present BLM with the thank-you card that honors all that BLM has done and all that BLM is doing to support our wild horses staying wild on their home ranges.

We have come a long way with BLM managers who are willing and committed to working with volunteers to ensure “thriving natural ecological balance” on the rangelands our Colorado mustangs call home. We will always work to ensure the best management for our wild ones.



5 responses

30 07 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Signed! Feels good to do something good in honor of those who are doing such good things for our Colorado mustangs :-).

30 07 2016

Indeed, it does!

30 07 2016
Karen Schmiede

Just signed. Great to have good news.

30 07 2016
Sue Story

Signed and delivered! It’s nice to be able to participate in things like this for the sake of our mustangs and in praise of those who care about them. That rainbow in your beautiful photo is fitting,TJ – the promise of a new day for wild horses!

1 08 2016
Prairie girl

I love Colorado. Such smart people there. 😉
I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday!

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