Funny girl

21 05 2016


On a very windy day in Spring Creek Basin, Reya shows off her not-so-pearlies. She still has some shedding to do of that muddy coat. Most of the horses are pretty sleek by now, despite the cooler (than normal) temperatures that come with our recent moisture.

A face of wild

20 05 2016



Little S’aka is growing up – emotionally, if not physically. He apparently got into a bit of a scuffle recently and has a healing wound. On this day, I was checking on him, and it’s healing well. Even little mustangs have big, strong constitutions.

Doesn’t he have the sweetest face? But don’t let that fool you – he’s a tough guy!

Love in the air

19 05 2016

Chrome and Terra


Wild ponies are not worried about “public displays of affection.”

And naturally, we take full advantage. 🙂


18 05 2016



We got some rain! The moisture is a boon for things like locoweed (pale-yellow flowering plant seen at Maiku’s feet), but it also brings up the grasses and helps all the forage.

You can see remnants of snow in the upper background. That’s far out of Spring Creek Basin, but it’s nice to see it lingering in May. And the mountains all still have visible snow.

It’s a pretty nice spring. 🙂

Only a ridge away

17 05 2016



Ty was on his ridge, and we were on ours, and thus did peace reign.

If it looks green, it is. We wouldn’t mind more rain. That’s not greedy – just hopeful. 🙂

Bay, bay, beautiful bay

16 05 2016



Madison proves the beauty of “just another bay mustang.”

Back ya go

15 05 2016

Tenaz, Micha


Tenaz snakes a wayward mare back to the band and out of reach of a nearby bachelor.

Black beauty

14 05 2016



Big black beautiful Bounce.

Gorgeous wild pony on a gorgeous evening in paradise – aka Spring Creek Basin.

Band sisters

13 05 2016

Madison and Temple

Madison and Temple.

Madison and Temple

These girls grew up together, then separated for a while … and now are together again.

Mares and mamas – the heart of the home (on the range). 🙂

Springtime in Spring Creek Basin

12 05 2016



Did we mention that the gnats are out?

They’re out.