18 05 2016



We got some rain! The moisture is a boon for things like locoweed (pale-yellow flowering plant seen at Maiku’s feet), but it also brings up the grasses and helps all the forage.

You can see remnants of snow in the upper background. That’s far out of Spring Creek Basin, but it’s nice to see it lingering in May. And the mountains all still have visible snow.

It’s a pretty nice spring. 🙂



4 responses

18 05 2016
Pat Amthor

Lovely in the spring. So good to have the rain for the horses, filling the ponds and making the grass grow.

18 05 2016
Sue Story

Glad to hear the mustangs and you and the basin are getting some rain too, TJ! It’s been a good spring. Do the horses eat the Locoweed, and if so, experience any bad effects?

19 05 2016

Apparently they won’t eat locoweed or other undesirable plants if there are plenty of other, desirable, grasses and forage available – which fortunately they have. I’ve never seen the effects of locoweed first hand, but it sounds hard to miss. And though locoweed is prolific, so are the good plants in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

18 05 2016

Thanks TJ, for sharing the pic of natural beauty of Maiku and Springtime in Spring Creek!!

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