Funny girl

21 05 2016


On a very windy day in Spring Creek Basin, Reya shows off her not-so-pearlies. She still has some shedding to do of that muddy coat. Most of the horses are pretty sleek by now, despite the cooler (than normal) temperatures that come with our recent moisture.



5 responses

21 05 2016
Karen Schmiede

This picture made me laugh. Quite a funny girl.

21 05 2016
Sue Story

Made me laugh too TJ; great way to start the day – chuckling with Reya! Hold on to your hat today (and maybe your camera as well! :)) – BIG winds coming.

21 05 2016

Reya looks happy and healthy!! TJ, thanks for sharing.

21 05 2016

She loves her coffee, doesn’t she?

21 05 2016

Ha – yeah, she must love her coffee. 🙂 And yes, it was crazy windy yesterday and today. It does dry things out, but we got some good work done today.

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