Oooh la Terra

24 03 2016



A most gorgeous mustang among most gorgeous mustangs – Terra.

Truly, their beauty still makes me catch my breath, and time spent with them makes them only more beautiful and appealing.

Against the glow

23 03 2016



Do not be afraid of backlighting. Embrace backlighting. I love the way it highlights the shape of our most gorgeous mustangs.

Diagonal three

22 03 2016

Piedra and friends

Pretty, pretty Piedra watches while her compadres graze on a beautiful morning in Spring Creek Basin.


21 03 2016

Chrome's band


A respected personage liked this photo of some of Chrome’s band, seen through the legs of another member of his band. I wish the focus was on the mares’ faces in the background.

It was a gorgeous morning, and the ponies were phenomenal. 🙂

Greys and browns and blues

20 03 2016


Another example of a born-black-and-greying mustang – Maia. Her colors match the colors of Spring Creek Basin very well, don’t they?

Lady of the basin

19 03 2016



Wise Houdini is as important in her role as the elder gentlemen of Spring Creek Basin.

And do you love her mustachio?? 🙂

Golden muddy girl

18 03 2016


Lovely Gaia has been to the mud spa! Though the ground is mostly dry in most of Spring Creek Basin, the ponds look very good after the snowmelt. And all that hair must be itchy!

The horses are shedding … though slowly yet, despite the warmish temperatures of late. We might have some winter moisture in store. … Maybe?! 🙂