21 03 2016

Chrome's band


A respected personage liked this photo of some of Chrome’s band, seen through the legs of another member of his band. I wish the focus was on the mares’ faces in the background.

It was a gorgeous morning, and the ponies were phenomenal. 🙂

Greys and browns and blues

20 03 2016


Another example of a born-black-and-greying mustang – Maia. Her colors match the colors of Spring Creek Basin very well, don’t they?

Lady of the basin

19 03 2016



Wise Houdini is as important in her role as the elder gentlemen of Spring Creek Basin.

And do you love her mustachio?? 🙂

Golden muddy girl

18 03 2016


Lovely Gaia has been to the mud spa! Though the ground is mostly dry in most of Spring Creek Basin, the ponds look very good after the snowmelt. And all that hair must be itchy!

The horses are shedding … though slowly yet, despite the warmish temperatures of late. We might have some winter moisture in store. … Maybe?! 🙂

Not all brown

17 03 2016


It looks like a sea of tans and browns and khakis – and bay! – until you get to the (not all that) far blue mountains – the La Sals of Utah. But the green of spring is pushing up beneath all that brown, and no one welcomes it more than the wildlife.


16 03 2016


Alegre rocks the wind knots. At various times, she has had a long, long dreadlock. They just add to her elegant beauty.

Black (and white) beauty

15 03 2016



Pretty Raven with her sweet face. She wasn’t very interested in posing for photos. Green is coming up throughout Spring Creek Basin after our good winter snow and now warmish temperatures, and seeking those fresh blades is much more important to the ponies – and all wildlife!

Luck of the click

14 03 2016



Storm is a hunk. Don’t argue. He rocks this image all by himself.

But take a closer look. See the flutter of blue over his back, just behind his withers?

Mountain bluebird


This is a massive crop of a very out-of-focus mountain bluebird.

Oh, spring. We wouldn’t say “no” to more snow … but we welcome your light and new life. 🙂

Of the Earth …

13 03 2016

Bounce, La Sal Mountains


Spring Creek Basin has a few grand elders. Bounce is one of them.

Bounce, La Sal Mountains


The strength of the herd is their legacy.

Simply stunning

12 03 2016



Just when you think a visit with the wild ones can’t get any better … Mother Nature presents the crowning gift of a spectacular sunset as the perfect complement.

The morning was sunny, but the rest of the day was cloudy – though warm enough for the first T-shirt of the year. Long moments after actual sunset, the sky started to blaze… and then I spotted Kwana and friends. The peak color had passed, but these boys were the light of my visit. 🙂

Spectacular sunset