Simply stunning

12 03 2016



Just when you think a visit with the wild ones can’t get any better … Mother Nature presents the crowning gift of a spectacular sunset as the perfect complement.

The morning was sunny, but the rest of the day was cloudy – though warm enough for the first T-shirt of the year. Long moments after actual sunset, the sky started to blaze… and then I spotted Kwana and friends. The peak color had passed, but these boys were the light of my visit. 🙂

Spectacular sunset




6 responses

12 03 2016
George W Doerre

Absolutely fantastic TJ. An “eye catcher” for the book jacket of the
book you will someday assemble. .g

12 03 2016
Pat Amthor

End of the day in a blaze. I always love the quiet at that time. Like all is just waiting for the true dark of night.

12 03 2016

Beautiful! There are no better colors provided for us than what we receive from Mother Nature. We all need to “look up” more to receive Her gifts!! Thanks TJ

12 03 2016
Kathryn Wilder

George: That’s exactly what I was thinking! Definitely book jacket material! How utterly beautiful–so glad you were there to see it and capture it for us :).

12 03 2016
Sue Story

This is gorgeous TJ. Periodically, in our visits out there, we have lingered far into the end of the day just to witness sunsets like these with mustangs quietly standing by. It’s always so magical…and worth the 1 hour and 45 minute drive, in the dark, to get back home!

13 03 2016

So peaceful.

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