Oooh la Terra

24 03 2016



A most gorgeous mustang among most gorgeous mustangs – Terra.

Truly, their beauty still makes me catch my breath, and time spent with them makes them only more beautiful and appealing.



5 responses

24 03 2016
Pat Amthor

Such a stately one.

24 03 2016
Sue Story

Each one is so beautiful TJ. I just love that ropey tangle of a mane on Terra, truly the signature of a wild mustang!

24 03 2016

Truly amazing captures you get

24 03 2016
Kathryn Wilder

She is truly gorgas!!! Thank you from other gorgeous wildness…Denali.

25 03 2016

The horses make it all possible, and for them, I am always and truly grateful! Kat – hope your Denali adventures are as *wild* as those in Disappointment!

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