Against the glow

23 03 2016



Do not be afraid of backlighting. Embrace backlighting. I love the way it highlights the shape of our most gorgeous mustangs.



6 responses

23 03 2016

Very Peaceful, thanks

25 03 2016

Incredibly peaceful, yes. Another highlight of time spent with the mustangs. 🙂

23 03 2016

TJ, your photos are a bright spot in my day! You are a very talented photographer!

25 03 2016

It’s pretty hard to take a bad photo of these gorgeous mustangs. 🙂 I’m glad they bring light to your days!

23 03 2016
Sue Story

I love backlighting TJ. I’ve taken aspen pictures like that for years, always with the most stunning results. Now I see it works the same way with the mustangs, very cool! I love the individual hairs standing out in the light and the way that just pulls you in. Very well done!

25 03 2016

Exactly! Light highlights the most important things; it’s the must-have for life!

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