Peek-a-pinto pony

2 03 2016

Chipeta, Temple Butte


Chipeta pops up during grazing in the backcountry of Spring Creek Basin. It was a gorgeous day to hang out with marvelous mustangs!




11 responses

2 03 2016

I can’t hide from you.

2 03 2016

She was keeping tabs on me, for sure, but I had to wait a bit for her to check on me again so I could snap this pic.

2 03 2016
George W Doerre

Temple Butte & Chipeta Beaut Another winner TJ.gwd

2 03 2016

Temple Butte and Chipeta Beaut! I’m totally going to steal that for some future post, George! 🙂

2 03 2016

Thank you for sharing Chipeta’s sweet face…

2 03 2016

She *does* have a sweet face, doesn’t she?

2 03 2016

TJ, is she a bit on the thin side after this winter? How old is she now?

2 03 2016

She might be a little lean, but that’s not unusual, and the mustangs are rarely fat (although I’m tempted to say “chunky” at times when we have good forage – because of good moisture). She’s probably around 11-12 years old.

2 03 2016
Karen Schmiede

How cute!

2 03 2016

She is. 🙂

3 03 2016

I love pintos, they look so unusual and absolutely unique.

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