Flirty mode *on*

1 02 2016


Oh, that charmer. 🙂


Please forgive the posting delay; Winter Storm Kayla is making things difficult for my Internet satellite dish. Otherwise, I’m loving her dearly! (Hugs to my beautiful cousin Kayla in California – from where all this fantastic moisture is coming!)




3 responses

1 02 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Ha–without the pic coming up when I first clicked on the e-mail that alerts me to your posts, I had to guess which charmer this would be. And I was right!!! I love love LOVE that boy!!!!! In fact, I’ve been writing about him all morning. Well, until chores forced me outside to see–and feed–my own charmers :-).

1 02 2016
Sue Story

Beautiful swishing “locks” fore and aft; how gorgeous he is.

2 02 2016

Thanks TJ, What a way to start the new month!! A handsome, healthy and stunning wild mustang.

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