Bay beauty

28 12 2015

Aspen, Spring Creek canyon

Aspen shows off the dramatic background of Spring Creek canyon. Any background is beautiful with a mustang in the foreground! 🙂




5 responses

28 12 2015

Looking fuzzy in the winter. That is good!

28 12 2015

Sigh…… I so love this handsome boy.

28 12 2015

You know I was thinking of you when I was with him yesterday and then going through photos of him to post! 😉

28 12 2015
Sue Story

TJ, when we were in Spring Creek Basin on one of our trips this last summer, we spent some time with and photographed 3 brown mustangs hanging out together. Would you know if Aspen is part of an all brown group of “friends”? They were all boys and pretty fearless! Such a beautiful photo; that view toward the canyon rim rock is one of my favorites and is even more striking with Aspen!

28 12 2015

No, that wouldn’t have been Aspen. The only group that mostly matches your description includes a yearling turning grey (kind of a dusty brown right now) and a mare. So I’m not totally sure who you saw. 🙂

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