Is all that snow for us!?

27 12 2015


Christmas Day’s weather window didn’t last long for a visit with the merry mustangs. Another blizzard rolled in and pelted us with snow.

You’re happy trudging through 6 inches of snow while getting slammed with snow when you know all that moisture is feeding the roots of all that hardy vegetation upon which your mustangs depend. And I’m especially happy when I’ve just had a wonderful Christmas greeting with marvelous mustangs!



6 responses

27 12 2015

What a blessing to have snow !

27 12 2015

Indeed! It’s always a huge relief to see all that moisture – even when it’s cold. 🙂

27 12 2015
Lin Kerns

Thank you for sharing these large images of the herd. I have been a subscriber for years and emjoy seeing each and every horse. You folks are such a blessing to the world for doing the work that you do. And so I heartifly thank you for that, as well. Always, your fan… Lin

27 12 2015

Thank you for your support of our mustangs, Lin! “It takes a village” to get out the word about mustangs (and burros) and the challenges they face … but also the beauty and magic they bring to the wild world. And we appreciate all of that!

28 12 2015

Wonderful! Who is the lovely lady (?)?

28 12 2015

Sweet Winona. 🙂

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