The light before the rainbow

24 10 2015

Chrome in the sunlight and rain.

Because that light was dreamy, another one of Chrome. His long(est) dredlock usually hangs on the other side of his neck, but he had tossed his head at some point, flipping the long locks to this side, where, from my vantage point, it caught the light just right as it swayed gently with the movement of his mosey.

If you click on the photo to make it bigger, you can see the sparkles of raindrops that were falling, even as we reveled in the shine of the sun.



8 responses

24 10 2015
Prairie girl

DREAMY. You got that right. šŸ™‚

24 10 2015


24 10 2015
Sue Story

Dreadlocks, I like that. As good with words as with the camera!

24 10 2015
Sue Story

oops, “dredlocks”.

24 10 2015

TJ, beautiful pic, glad for your rain!!

24 10 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you for this, TJ :-). And actually, Sue Story, it is “dreadlocks.”

24 10 2015

There’s nothing *dread*ful about this boy. šŸ™‚

25 10 2015
Sue Story

Thank you Kathryn Wilder; I thought I had lost my spelling mojo! And thank you TJ for a great line, as always!

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