Is it Supergirl?

23 10 2015

Gaia watches a low-flying plane over Spring Creek Basin.

Nope, just a plane. Because of the acoustics of the bowl-like hill the horses were grazing in, the plane sounded like it was about to buzz the treetops above us. It wasn’t really that close, but it wasn’t high-flying, either. Gaia’s reaction is a reminder that the horses don’t forget dangers from the sky, either.

(Other than the horses looking, the plane caused no negative reactions.)



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23 10 2015
Prairie girl

Oh, they’re so aware of it all, aren’t they?
That low flying plane reminds me of when I was out viewing the horses about a year ago, a plane flew all around the area, pretty low.
Now, I think I know what they were doing. Counting horses, no doubt.
Anyway, I’m glad Gaia’s safe and sound. 😉

23 10 2015

Absolutely aware! Sometimes we get (very) low-flying looky-loos over the basin, but they’re not counting horses. I’ve taken pix of them … and maybe that big white lens is visible because a lot of times, they fly somewhere else.

23 10 2015

Gaia has such a beautiful Fall colored coat!! Hope you got some rain???

23 10 2015

Oh my, yes, we’ve gotten rain! Wonderful, soaking, seeping, stupendous rain! 🙂 It’s a glorious, soggy mess out there right now, with the kind of mud that cakes your boots and gives you 10-pound weights on each foot. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is? We love, love, love this marvelous moisture!

23 10 2015
Sue Story

TJ, is the wash containing Spring Creek flash flooding this week? We’ve been over there at times when the crossing looked pretty tricky, especially with our old Toyota truck. We chickened out and walked instead!

23 10 2015

Spring Creek ran early in the week, but most of the rain has been fairly light and has soaked right in. Disappointment Creek is still running. The Spring Creek crossing has been a little “wonky” from water running through earlier in the year. 🙂 We’ve done some rock moving to make it driveable, but definitely don’t drive across it if it’s running or you’re otherwise at all worried!

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