30 09 2015


Lovely Winona at the end ‘o the day before the super moon wowed us all.



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30 09 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Lovely Winona never stops wowing. She’s a beauty!

2 10 2015

Yes, she is. 🙂

2 10 2015

Hi TJ, Thank you and Kat for inviting me onto the basin to see the horses under the vanishing super-moon. Being there with both of you, and to spend some time watching Chrome’s band as the moon disappeared on us… it is etched in my mind forever. 25 years training horses, and a life time of riding them, that night on the basin rocked my world.
I see a lot mustangs in my work, I have worked with many over the years. But seeing them as wild-life-horses, more like elk than cattle (as I read somewhere here in your blog), that came home to me that night. I wish I could put words to it, but I can’t right now. Maybe one day. For now I will live in my memory of that one night for a long time to come.
All my best to you and thank you again.

2 10 2015

So wonderful to meet you! And what a fabulous night to introduce you to our Spring Creek Basin beauties. 🙂 Visiting mustangs on their wild home ranges is the perfect place to see them – free! Please come back soon. Kat and I would love to introduce you to the horses with much more time!

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