Awesome moon over mustangs

26 09 2015

Juniper and Gaia under the rising moon, Spring Creek Basin.

Maybe not “super” yet, but gorgeous all the same. Juniper and Gaia look all kinds of beautiful under the swelling moon, rising over Spring Creek Basin. And yes, it was an all-kinds-of-beautiful evening with the wild ponies. 🙂



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26 09 2015
Prairie girl

Man, I love that landscape, TJ!
Almost looks like an old cactus skeleton tree.
Beautiful times! 🙂

27 09 2015

We have lots of pinons and junipers on sort of the edges of the basin – where the elevations increase from the main bowl of Spring Creek Basin. These old trees could tell some stories of wild times and wild horses! In their way, they’re just as beautiful as the mustangs!

26 09 2015
George W Doerre

I think the ponies have figured out what you’re
doing and have decided to pose for you. This
is a work of art TJ, its great…gwd

27 09 2015

If only! 🙂 Behind the photo: There was another band in the close vicinity, but they were all grazing peacefully. I got into what I hoped would be a good position – just in case the elements came together – but the horses’ heads were all down grazing. And they were on a slight hillside, so their heads were basically hidden. Grazing pix are OK … but headless horses are kinda weird! Finally, Juniper paused in her grazing to look up and across at the other horses, and then Gaia looked up with just enough of her face and an eye showing to make it work. Shazam. 🙂 When they’re beautiful, they’re gorgeous!

26 09 2015

So lovely. Peaceful.

27 09 2015

Amazingly peaceful!

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