Mustangs don’t disappoint

28 08 2015


Chrome looks back toward another band during a pause in his return to his own band. That’s stately Brumley Point in the background. It straddles the basin’s southeastern boundary.

Our cameras were clicking like crazy as Spring Creek Basin’s own “Fabio” paused like a model in the middle of that stunning background. Cameras belonged to American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Director Suzanne Roy and Colorado advocate Jen M. They were in the area to visit Mesa Verde National Park’s wild horses, and we were so thrilled to welcome them to Spring Creek Basin to see our own gorgeous mustangs!

Kat Wilder takes pix of Suzanne Roy and Jen Maramonte with Chrome's band in Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, Colorado.

Local mustang advocate Kat Wilder takes pix of Jen and Suzanne with Chrome’s band in the background.

Check out that sky. We were amazingly fortunate to get nearly half an inch of rain the day before their visit.

Thanks so much for coming, for your mustang insights and for admiring our beloved horses!



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28 08 2015

TJ, is Spring Creek near Mesa Verde? Wish I had know that as my son and his friends were in MV in July. šŸ˜¦ I didn’t realize MV had their own horses. Are these on FS land? Must get back out that way and come visit. Soon, I hope.

28 08 2015

Spring Creek Basin is about two hours north of Mesa Verde National Park. There was a big thing last year when several horses in the park died of apparent dehydration. Park officials don’t want the horses, which came/come up from the Ute Mountain Ute reservation; the Utes apparently don’t want the horses, either. Park folks have been building a boundary fence in an attempt to keep cattle and horses out, but at least some horses seem to live on the park year-round. Let me know when you visit, and I’ll give you the grand tour of Spring Creek Basin and our mustangs!

28 08 2015

TJ, both wonderful pix! wanted to share a link with you all that I just received, www, you may know about it – if not, it might be a location to advocate the beauty and significance of mustangs??

28 08 2015

I didn’t know about it, but thanks! From your previous comment, yes, Skywalker definitely is getting lighter … as all greys do. šŸ™‚

28 08 2015
Prairie girl

You had the one and only Suzanne Roy hanging out with you and Chrome and the gang! How terrific is that?
I can only imagine the wonderful conversations that were shared during their stay.
Really cool. šŸ™‚

28 08 2015

A couple other bands were right behind us, but Chrome’s band got the glory because they were standing in front of that amazing and one-of-a-kind Spring Creek Basin background! It WAS an amazing visit with fabulous and tireless advocates!

28 08 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Great day, excellent conversation, and the horses–the horses couldn’t have been more stunning! Thank you TJ, Suzanne, Jen, Chrome, Traveler, Comanche, Hollywood, and I could name the rest of you but I won’t….

28 08 2015

šŸ™‚ Thank *you* for being fabulous and tireless, too.

28 08 2015

Gorgeous mustang and the beautiful land he lives in, great photo. ā¤

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