27 08 2015

Skywalker and Kwana

No matter the species, boys WILL be boys. 🙂 Skywalker had had enough nonchalant napping and pretty-picture posing. One of the funniest parts of this photo-taking episode was watching him get Kwana’s attention with the above behavior, then trot away in an effort to get Kwana to chase him.



4 responses

27 08 2015

I can hear him say, ‘Stop looking at her. If you stop looking at her, she will stop taking our photo.’

27 08 2015

TJ, finally I get time to let you know how much I love the recent photos of the manes!! Look how grey Skywalker is…

27 08 2015

Wow! Kwana has lightened so much. If you didn’t put his name there I wouldn’t have known it was him. Beautiful boys.

27 08 2015
Kathryn Wilder

It was all definitely entertaining to watch! Was thinking of you, Pat, the whole time…

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