A glimmer in his eye …

3 11 2014

… and burrs in his mane.


His long, long mane – and his forelock – is all knotted up with burrs now. All the members of his band have been into them. Even so, how handsome is he?


Good news: Disappointment Valley got some rain yesterday. What a relief.


The area is Grand Central Station for hunters right now. Here’s a wish for safety for all visitors – and all residents.




5 responses

3 11 2014

Do the horses frequently get shot?

3 11 2014

No, thank God!!! But any time you have a big population of people in a place – wth guns – wouldn’t you wish for safety for all concerned?! 🙂

4 11 2014

Especially since one can’t put bright orange vests on wild horses. 😉
So glad you got some rain + moisture from snow!

3 11 2014

TJ, what a great shot of his powerful neck. Congratulations on the rain – Spring sent a photo this morning from Durango and you can see the snow. Will send you all, 2 legged and 4 legged creaturse, thoughts of safety.

8 11 2014

The snow still lingers on the shadowy shoulders of Temple Butte and McKenna Peak, but it wasn’t a whole lot in the first place. We’ll take all the moisture – in any form – that we can get!

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