13 11 2014


Doesn’t Mysterium have the sweetest face? She was definitely “guard mare” that evening, keeping a wary eye (both eyes) peeled for whatever might threaten the band.

The dark behind her is the shadowed north wall of a ridge. It served to highlight her perfectly.




6 responses

13 11 2014

TJ, what an angel!!!! She does not seem to be too concerned about you… but then why would she, she has known you since she was foaled – you are both angels!!

13 11 2014

Well, she is! 🙂

13 11 2014

Such a beauty! How old is she now? Her mane looks like a foal’s mane.

13 11 2014

She’s 4. From the other side, her mane is longer. This side just shows the shorter hairs, illuminated.

13 11 2014
Linda Horn

Beautiful photo of a beautiful girl! I swear I’m going to figure out how to get your posts to my inbox. With all the wild horse craziness going on right now, I need the Basin’s horses to refresh my spirit.

13 11 2014

They’re certainly good for the spirit!

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