Wild below and above

19 10 2014

Bachelors trot across Spring Creek Basin.

Bachelors trot across Spring Creek Basin below two of our most prominent landmarks, McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory. The latter now is being called Temple Butte, in honor of Pati and David Temple, who have been such steadfast supporters of Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. In a few more years, we’ll be able to apply to USGS to officially name the promontory. Good friend AB is leading that charge.



5 responses

19 10 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Great name for a phenomenal landmark and the excellent people for whom it should be named :-).

19 10 2014

I agree, it would be a fabulous name for your ‘unnamed promontory’!!!

19 10 2014

Temple Butte, excellent! Coincidence: Just when I read “unnamed promontory” above, I thought, this promontory thing should be given a dignified name – only to learn that you all already did. Well done!

19 10 2014

When we are able to apply for official name status, it might make a difference if we’ve been calling it that name for a few years. That realization finally occurred to me. 🙂 So on we go! Pati and David’s achievements should be recognized and applauded.

20 10 2014

What a great way to honor your friends TJ. 🙂

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