12 10 2014

S'aka and Skywalker

From the perspective of the bottom of a shallow arroyo, S’aka achieves the illusion of height. Or not. 🙂

In the near background, grey Skywalker. In the far background, the gold of autumn aspen.



5 responses

12 10 2014

Ahh, I just love him. Nothing looks like fall here where I live yet. It’s nice to see it springing up somewhere. 🙂

13 10 2014

S’aka has the sweetest eyes and love the sightings of Skywalker and his distinctive markings…

13 10 2014

Funny shot!

19 10 2014

Babyface S’aka has me melted. Have you ever considered selling prints of your lovely photos, TJ? (Preferrably posters! Life-size!! :-))

19 10 2014

He’s a character. I don’t think he has any idea how small he is. Calendar time probably is rolling around again. … There aren’t enough hours in the days, especially these short days of fall!

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