Aspen dancing

26 09 2014


Aspen trees also are called quakies because of the shimmer the leaves make as they tremble and flutter in the wind. In honor of the aspen turning golden this autumn, here’s Spring Creek Basin’s Aspen, doing his own dance. He was – of course – trying to impress a lady. She was so impressed she showed him her butt, then her heels. He was undeterred, but he did leave her alone (that may also have had something to do with her stallion).



4 responses

26 09 2014

Fabulous motion and commentary!

26 09 2014
Sarah Rose

nice shot TJ! Plus Aspen is so handsome 🙂

26 09 2014

With his looks he’ll capture someone’s fancy.

29 09 2014

He has his moments. 🙂

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