Eyes of the mustangs

27 09 2014

Duke and Kreacher

Haaaaaaand-some! Duke and Kreacher are great pals. I sometimes wonder how Duke can see through that marvelous forelock of his.



6 responses

27 09 2014
Prairie girl

I know, I love long bangs on the horses.
They look so content. And beauties, both of ’em.

27 09 2014
Karen Schmiede

The light and dark contrast is really great. Another great pic.

29 09 2014

I think Duke sees just fine. Both are easy on the eyes.

29 09 2014

Before he shook his forelock away from his eyes, his right eye, especially, was completely obscured by those long strands. 🙂 It was just an interesting observation.

5 10 2014
Karen Keene Day

I love the friendship bonds the horses form. Duke, I always look for you there.

19 10 2014

This is one of the pictures to which I keep going back. Breathtakingly beautiful.

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