My mom and dad …

16 08 2014

… celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss today. 🙂

Kestrel and Comanche

My mom dragged my dad away from the ranch for a well-deserved getaway. They’ll hike, ride someone else’s horses, visit museums, eat great food that my mom doesn’t have to prepare (it’s worth saying she’s our favorite “top chef”), take in a great outdoor musical and have nothing to worry about (the ranch’s critters being in good hands back home).

Forty-five years have taken them from Ohio to Texas, with a lot of stops – stateside and overseas – along the way during my dad’s 20-year Army career.

They met as teenagers, showing horses in 4-H and open shows – different counties, different high schools. They both shared a love of speed events. 🙂 When I came along, a story about a champion barrel racer in the pages of Western Horseman caught their eyes. I was almost another Jennifer. Thank goodness for Tracey Jo Somebody, whose prowess at the barrels made her the subject of a story in a magazine for horsey folks!

My brother and I grew up as Army brats, but I wouldn’t change that upbringing for anything. We still had horses almost everywhere we lived – Mom and Dad made sure of it. Where we couldn’t have horses of our own (and that wasn’t very often, and only in the beginning years), they made sure we had access to horses. They were and are encouraging and supportive, and we’re still close. We like to joke that *our* family is dysfunctional – we all like each other!

My mom and dad still share a love of horses and wide-open spaces. They still make the trip “home” to Ohio to see friends and family, but Texas is home; they’ve lived there now longer than they spent following the Army’s orders. They’re Quarter Horse people, but they think enough of my mustangs that they traveled to Fort Worth last year to see the big Mustang Million competition.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you both!




13 responses

16 08 2014
Karen Schmiede

Happy Anniversary Mr.&Mrs. Holmes. Hope they have many more.

16 08 2014
Alice billings

Beautiful. You are very fortunate.

16 08 2014
George W Doerre

Wonderful story TJ. On our 45th we still had two decades to look foward to.
I hope your folks top that ….with add ons.

16 08 2014

Beautiful photo and beautiful tribute!!

16 08 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Spreading the love and the progeny–throughout Texas, into Colorado–I personally thank you for that! Happy day and year, TJ’s folks!

16 08 2014

Thanks for all your comments. My mom and dad are the coolest! 🙂

George, what a wonderful, long life you shared with your wife. I do hope the same for my parents. Thank you for the wish!

16 08 2014

Congratulations all around.

17 08 2014


17 08 2014

Happy Anniversary and many, many more to your parents, TJ! Also, belatedly, Happy Birthday to your dad – and congratulations to you for such cool parents! How heartwarming it is to read your joyous, loving words!
I’m thrilled that you and all the pretty horses got some rain (can I stop dancing, or do you need more?). The magic continues… Thanks for your lovely, lovely blog! Irmgard

17 08 2014

Hallo, Irmgard! Never stop dancing! No matter what the reason. 🙂 There’s always something to celebrate in this wild world!

18 08 2014

TJ that is wonderful to read! Thanks for sharing that little bit of history with us. Give my best to your folks. Happy anniversary to them!

18 08 2014
Lynn and Kathy

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. H. and all our best wishes for many, many, many more years together! Thanks, TJ for this great post! 🙂

20 08 2014

Thank you all for your kind words and best wishes! And Thank You, Tracey Jo for the wonderful post!! Love you much!

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