High on the hill

14 08 2014


Mustang as mountain goat. Seven nails the color, but he needs a better beard. šŸ™‚


Rain, rain, rain is all the rage on the Western Slope of Colorado. Spring Creek is flowing again through Spring Creek Basin.

It has been dark with roiling clouds and curtains of rain. It has been humid. It has been puddle-licious.

It has been divine.




7 responses

14 08 2014
Prairie girl

Great news about the downpours!
Isn’t it odd that Seven is way up there, so goat like? Why would he go up like that? There doesn’t appear to be any grass, etc. Ah well, he’s probably just taking a different route, for fun. šŸ˜‰
Anywho, it’s such a cool image, TJ.

14 08 2014

The slope just around the “corner” had good grass. He must have known that or hoped that! Shortly after I took the above pic, he was over there grazing. As often as I see them up in high places – and/or see evidence of them having been in high places – it’s still something of a novelty!

14 08 2014

Seven did it because he could! Great to hear about the rain. Hope some will stop in SWB as well. Beautiful photo!

14 08 2014

Oh, I hope the whole Western Slope and all our wild horses got this good, rich rain! On the radar, the green blobs looked like they were on a train heading north, so here’s hoping!

14 08 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Awesome that Spring Creek is flowing again–means there’s been rain deep in the basin, and along the hillsides. Truly Divine Intervention of our heretofore dry summer! One and 1/10th inches here :-).

14 08 2014

Right! And not only flowing – rollin’ … rollin’ … rollin’ like a river! Big and bold and wide. We’re all smiling to the heavens. šŸ™‚

16 08 2014

My goodness,I would not be walking on that hillside!

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