The head tilt

28 02 2014

Seven, Shadow and Tesora

Well, hello, beauties! Seven and Tesora with shy Shadow.

Light like gold on those beautiful faces. Still fuzzy, so winter may not be quite done with us. Though grass is growing – and rain today was welcome manna from the heavens.



7 responses

28 02 2014

TJ, they are such angels….

28 02 2014
Prairie girl

Haha! Cute.

28 02 2014

You got “close” to Seven–awesome!

28 02 2014

Ah ha, I knew who they were before I scrolled down to their names! Tesora looks like she is going to be taller then mama.

28 02 2014

It’s certainly possible. Shadow isn’t very big!

28 02 2014

I guess Tesora is not going to go grey then? šŸ™‚

28 02 2014

Seems like she’s going to stay sorrel!

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