Belly boy

9 01 2014


Whaddya’ll think? Due in March? April? 🙂

Mr. Sundance isn’t missing any groceries this winter.


From the time I drove up, parked in the middle of the road, walked out and around, yakked with his young pals and took a bunch of pix, he never moved. Well, he found the energy to prick his ears at me a few times, but mostly he just stood napping and looking handsome.

Come along

8 01 2014

Daddy Seven and baby Tesora

Move away. Nothing to see here, says Seven to curious baby Tesora (or he might, if he could talk).

He’s one of the most protective stallions in the basin. Any visit with them is a treat.

22,000 acres; 1 square foot

7 01 2014

Kwana and daddy Chrome graze together.

Kwana and daddy Chrome graze together. I love how, with 22,000 acres on which to spread out, two horses occasionally decide the same bit of forage is the most desirable. (Mm hmm.) It happens more often than you’d think.


6 01 2014

Mama Reya and baby Spirit at the end of the day on favorite hill.

Reya and baby Spirit were not all that interested in the human and her muddy boots. Or at least they weren’t when said scraping produced no dragons or other fearsome creatures. 🙂

Range with a view

5 01 2014

Puzzle, La Sal Mountains

The view made beautiful with a spotted mustang girl in the foreground. Pretty Puzz-lita.


4 01 2014


S’aka and Copper


Copper and S’aka

Fuzzy-bear ponies.

The “excitement” began when I started scraping mud off my boots with a rock. Note how Copper is perfectly fine with yearling S’aka taking the lead in figuring out what the crazy human is doing. 🙂

Last year

3 01 2014

Shadow, Tesora and Puzzle, La Sal Mountains

Seven’s band against a dramatic Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley and La Sal Mountains background. Last day of last year.