Ladies’ man

29 07 2013


The bands were drinking in the bottom of an arroyo the other night, and Mona and Shane wandered off. They might have thought the others would follow, but they didn’t. Pretty soon, there came whinnying, and Comanche responded to the damsels in distress (they’re not even his mares). All was well when he shepherded them back to the flock, err, band(s).


Bonus pic because he’s so darn handsome. 🙂


P.S. Dear god(ess)s of rain and all dancers who kept the faith for the wet stuff: THANK YOU! We got a massive downpour yesterday afternoon. If that doesn’t fill ponds, I don’t know what will.



3 responses

29 07 2013
Prairie girl

Lovin’ the tall, lime green brush.
That tail! He’s sooo good looking.
We’re getting rain here, too. Everybody’s happy!

29 07 2013

So happy you’re getting the rain.

29 07 2013
Puller Lanigan

I just love his dark mane with that grey! Is Kestrel one of his ladies? What a gallant fellow to return the two lost girls. So glad you are getting rain!!!

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