21 04 2013

Sundance and Kootenai

Sundance and Kootenai.

This happened almost like the Disney dogs (“Lady and the Tramp”) eating spaghetti; Sundance and Kootenai grazed closer and closer till their faces were touching. It lasted about 1.5 seconds. Then Sundance grazed away, leaving Kootenai just there, with that same wide-eyed look … before she also turned away to continue grazing.

At this point, I’m pretty sure both mares are pregnant (and I don’t think Kootenai is due as long from now as August!?). Skywaker nursing a few weeks ago must have caught Raven in a generous mood. Although I have heard of mares nursing both their newborns and their yearlings, I haven’t seen it here (yet?).



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21 04 2013
Prairie girl

Great! You were there with camera at the right time to capture that pose! Those lovely faces creating a heart. Love it!!!!

21 04 2013
Pat Amthor


21 04 2013

Hi! I found this a while ago but only noticed the comments thing today lol. I love horses, epecialy wild ones, and since i live in a city in PA this is one of my only ways to see them. I Love what you are doing, and thanks for all these great pics! Sundance and Kootenai are so cute together!

25 04 2013

Thanks for checking in on our Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

21 04 2013

What a great shot. I envy you so much, to see this first hand.

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