Face to the wind

20 04 2013


Kreacher in the wind. He’s still with elder Duke (who was down the hill and out of sight from this angle), but the younger boys have split.

The youngest two – Apollo and Killian – are together, and, way to the east, Hayden and Tenaz are together. Not far from those two was Aspen. Just as I was getting used to seeing them all together, they seem to have decided to explore in pairs.



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20 04 2013
Puller Lanigan

What a handsome guy. Gorgeous photo! What mares used to be with him? Who did he lose them to? Or has he always been a bachelor?

20 04 2013

When I first started documenting the horses in 2007, Kreacher had Molly and Roja. He lost them the next spring to Seven, who lost his mare, Houdini, and her filly Two Boots and orphan Twister to Grey/Traveler. Kreacher then was a bachelor with the Bachelor 7, filling Grey’s spot, until December, when he managed to acquire the three mares that were introduced from Sand Wash Basin that October: Raven, Mona and Kootenai. He lost Raven to Duke when Raven had Corona the next April, then got her back and hurt Duke prettty badly in the process (forgive and forget, eh?). The next fall – September 2010 – he lost Mona to Seven when she went off to have Shane. In the fall of 2011, the day before the roundup started, he lost Raven and Kootenai to Sundance. Kreacher remains a bachelor – and found Duke – and Sundance still has Raven and Kootenai (in fact, they were not too far east of Duke and Kreacher and were watching the boys when I spotted them). Since I’ve known them, Duke has only ever had Raven; otherwise, he has been a bachelor. Sundance previously had had Mahogany and sired Eliana. A couple of weeks after she was born, he lost them to Aspen, who didn’t have them very long.

20 04 2013
Prairie girl

This is a fantastic shot!
Such interesting tidbits about these guys. I love learning about their ways!

20 04 2013

They are amazing! Resilient and adaptable and living in the moments.

21 04 2013
Pat Amthor

Ah, he feels the wind as we do! Good catch!

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