Signs of shedding

19 04 2013

Aspen, watching over young Hayden - from a safe distance.

Aspen on a windy day was gamely providing “gotcher back” to Hayden – from a distance – where it was, you know, safe(r). But he couldn’t let the kid get himself into trouble, so here he was. Ready. Just in case.

Note that he’s starting to shed his winter coat. A little more snow today that didn’t come close to sticking made it still chilly. Don’t shed all at once, pal.



3 responses

19 04 2013

Wise Aspen, taking good care of the kids.

19 04 2013
Lynn and Kathy

He’s also a looker! Can’t wait to see him shed out – very aptly named! 🙂

21 04 2013
Pat Amthor

Looking sturdy after the winter..

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