3 02 2013


Madison, daughter of Comanche and Kestrel, walks across a patch of ice in the bottom of an arroyo where her band and Hollywood’s drank. Most of the bands’ members are behind her, but mama Kestrel had found a little seep in the snow just around the bend ahead of her. Interestingly, when Kes went back and forth, she skirted this patch of ice to the right, against the wall of the arroyo. Madison, with the confidence of youth, walked straight across. I love the sunlight turning her bay coat red against the blue of the shadowed ice and snow.



4 responses

3 02 2013
Prairie girl

Sure enough! The reddish bay darling in the icy blue. What a gorgeous shot.

3 02 2013
Sarah Rose

In that light she looks like the reddest chestnut ever! The confidence of youth shows in this pic 🙂 My 15 year old mare would never ever walk so casually across this 🙂

3 02 2013
Puller Lanigan

I know with goats and fawns, the youngsters hooves are softer and more suede-like, than the adults. It also provides better traction…possibly the same with young horses.

3 02 2013

That’s true. I’m not sure how long that lasts, but Madison is almost a year old. Her hooves are pretty tough now. She probably just hasn’t had the kind of slip-n-slide experience that mama probably has had. 😉

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