1 02 2013


Ever-handsome Comanche coming out of an arroyo where his family and Hollywood’s were drinking from a seep. All drinking together, except the two boys. Really a fascinating dynamic.



5 responses

1 02 2013

Omg. Great shot. Beautiful subject.

1 02 2013

He IS handsome. Sometimes, I have to remind myself there are other horses in his band so I don’t focus just on him! Good thing his family and Hollywood’s all are gorgeous! 🙂

2 02 2013
jennifer revilla

Have a beautiful lead mare out of this herd. I am so thankful. This herd stamps its look on its progeny. I can see Rosie in them all, thanks so much for this site and so glad the herd has an advocate.

2 02 2013

How wonderful! When did you adopt Rosie? Would love to know more about her!

9 02 2013

He is gorgeous!

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