Looking for – and finding – water

28 06 2012

FS range guy HP and I did some more riding to GPS water seeps in some of the main arroyos, trying to get an idea of water availability for the horses. There is good news to report: Three ponds still have water – though one is much shallower than a week ago. And we have GPS’d at least half a dozen places where water seeps up or percolates down in various arroyos across the basin. The horses continue to be in good condition.

Pix of our pony partners:

Fox trotter Pinch and HP.

HP’s other fox trotter Jammer, my partner for the trek.

Handsome and smart and willing! These guys went everywhere they were pointed. I think the only time Jammer’s pointy ears were less than full forward was during our lunch stop! HP wrangles and rides Forest Service horses in the course of his duties, too, but Pinch and Jammer belong to HP.

These with my cell phone (so I didn’t have to carry my big camera). Sorry about the quality!

HP riding Pinch near the weeping wall. The white is salt from the alkaline soil. Almost everywhere there’s water, there’s salt in abundance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much salt coming to the surface of the ground. We found water in an eighth- to a quarter-mile stretch through this arroyo. Clearly getting active horse traffic.

Jammer, left, helps HP and Pinch check out the old guzzler. It’s dead dry. We’re not sure why. (Note the shade of cloud cover – ahhh!)

Jammer drinks from water in a tire tank near a natural seep. The first time I found this area, a few years ago, the tire was full of water and the seep was producing water. Every visit since then, the tire has been dry. Now, the seep is nearly dry, but the tire is full and trickling over. Hmmmm??

Thanks again to HP for his work and horses! And thanks to BLM’s Tres Rios Field Office management and our herd manager, Kiley Whited, who is spearheading these projects!



4 responses

29 06 2012
george w doerre

wonderful story tj cheers for all involved. now if you could only get Terra to walk around with a divining (or dowser) rod that would be the icing on the cake.

29 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Many, many, many thanks to Kiley Whited, the BLM Tres Rios Field Office, HG of the Forest Service and, YOU, TJ who never, ever wavered in your love and support for the horses of Spring Creek Basin! We don’t believe there is any way to really let all of you know how very much we appreciate everything you folks are doing! We will continue to visit and support these horses in every way possible. We love them all – those there now, those gone and those yet to come. It doesn’t and won’t ever stop. The rain WILL come guys – just hang in there and believe! 🙂

29 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Our apologies – we meant HP of the Forest Service!!

29 06 2012

There are actually people around here who do use the divining or dowsing rods! We need rain to replenish the ground water. We’re really grateful to the BLM for being so on top of the situation! And the documentation helps us not only now but in the long term. C’mon, rain!

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