RIP Roach

1 06 2012

I’ve been worried about Roach for weeks. He’s usually with Poco, and they usually split briefly in the spring, then reunite.

It’s never unusual to go weeks without seeing these boys, but something was different this time. I saw Poco several times … but not Roach.

Earlier this spring, I had had a couple of possible sightings of Roach, but I hadn’t seen him for certain since the top photo was taken – April 23. I haven’t seen Poco now since early May. As much as he grieved for Bones …

Yesterday, I found Roach, at the bottom of a steep, narrow arroyo. The best I can hope is that it was quick.

The first time I saw Roach was in about 2004, with Poco, a dark bay mare I later documented as Ceal and her then-yearling colt. Roach was young, full of fire, with a roached mane and forelock and a skimpy, almost-nothing tail.

That was in the double ponds area, and since then, I saw him with Poco, almost always in that area, except these recent springs, when they’d split to go wandering. As far as I know, Roach never had a band/mare of his own, though he stayed with Poco when he had Bones and, later, Iya and Cougar.

I think he was 11-12 years old.

Oh, Roach. Spring Creek Basin has been and will be less without your presence.



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1 06 2012

I loved Roach – one of the first horses I ever photographed at Spring Creek Basin. He’ll be missed, but there’s solace in knowing he’s still running wild, running free.

1 06 2012
Julie Onshus

Oh no, I also hope it was quick. They usually are so careful I wonder how or why it happened. So sorry TJ and yes at least he is still running free.

1 06 2012
Puller Lanigan

Aw TJ, I’m so sorry for your loss. For our loss. I didn’t know Roach, but from photos, but he was a handsome guy. And yes, he is still wild and free and never at risk of being harrassed and removed from the land he loved.

1 06 2012

Sorry to hear of the loss of Roach. I will have to dig through my photos and see if I even have any of him. Love your photo’s of him. He was a beautiful horse just like all of them.

1 06 2012
Karen Schmiede

So sorry about Roach. He was so handsome. At least he died free.

1 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

TJ – This had to be tough for you. Another loss of someone you’ve known so long… There’s no way we can explain how we feel right now. It’s like a deep sadness of a sort few would understand. In 2008, when we made our first trip to the Basin, Poco and Roach were right where you said they’d be. They graciously “posed” for us and then went on their way.

Perhaps, becoming a band stallion was not really meant to be. Instead, maybe Roach’s “purpose” in his life (aside from just being a beautiful free spirit) was to be a best friend and loyal buddy to Bones and Poco – and that, he did, very well indeed. We know Poco “grieves.” We’ll miss Roach – a lot.

1 06 2012

I am so sorry TJ. He was one of the first horses I saw there too.

2 06 2012

These amazing horses have filled my heart so full of joy and wonder and gratitude … it seems that much more to break when something happens to one of them. They have touched my soul in ways I never could have imagined, and I am grateful for every moment. Thank you all for sending Roach on the wings of your thoughts.

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