23 05 2012

Maybe it’s the angle, but I didn’t realize how much bigger Mona is than little Roja. But I do very often have the impression of Roja as a Thelwell pony. 🙂

Here’s something: We watched Aspen breed Mona – twice – on Sunday. Mona, who should have been due to foal in four months. Mona, you may remember, who was due to foal the day the roundup started last fall. Mona lost that foal at some point, but it took me until October to realize it. Her only baby to date is Shane, a year and a half old, who is now with Hollywood’s band.

Contrast Mona with Kootenai, due in August, about a month before Mona was due:

Looking very round.

Mona, giving a reluctant Roja some lovin’. 🙂 Roja moved her head about as far as she could without actually moving her feet. That’s Killian at left, looking at bachelor Duke. The two girls have been together since right after Shane was born, and they seem to be fairly well bonded.

Interesting contrast, eh.



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