Greasewood sea

8 02 2012

Usually, the pintos are horses I see every now and then, usually when I see them from the road and can hike directly to them. But lately I’ve been looking for them because they’ve been a bit easier to find than the horses “interior” where I haven’t gone fearing mud (and potential Jeep-stuck-ness). I am getting terribly anxious to see the other horses, but for now, I am content with spots.

From about a week ago. Reya (front) and Puzzle grazing among the greasewood. Except for the lack-o-green, it doesn’t look very wintry, does it? And the greasewood is not really as thick and dense as it seems from the lens compression. But I thought it was an interesting perspective, as tall as it is, the horses seeming to wade through it like through water.



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