31 12 2011

Ethereal in the light …

If I don’t write much about the horses and use more photos, chalk it up to “running out of words.” Whether the photos are hum-drum daily life or more light-and-shadow captures of the horses doing their thing caught in a moment of “ahh!” … it’s sometimes hard for me to put into words the fascination I feel for these amazing animals.

I think it’s true that pictures can convey the weight of a thousand thoughts – and then some – and the feelings one can’t begin to express. Some pix are “pretty,” and some are meant to tell a story – I hope they all do, even the pretty ones – of the horses and their lives in Spring Creek Basin.

As another year winds toward a close, it’s natural to reflect, to set resolutions and goals. We have met many of our goals and are working on others, always for the benefit of the horses, so this is more a quiet reflection of the year.

What a year it has been. I can’t even tell the whole story because not all of it is mine to tell. It hasn’t been easy, but it has brought some grand changes. I am honored to be able to give glimpses into the lives of these extraordinary horses, and I’ve been privileged to relay some information about mustangs now in new homes outside the wild boundaries of their previous lives, but I wonder what *they* would say, could they tell their own stories, their actions and motives, simple daily existence, season to season …

Simply, I am amazed and awed and in love – still – with these mustangs, wild as desert breezes, not quite free as air. Confined to a finite bit of geography that they know intimately.

What I wish for them is continuation of life – hum-drum and extraordinary. A collection of moments of beauty and simplicity about which we humans could certainly learn a thing or three hundred.

Selfishly, I wish for many years of sharing all of that with all of them.

Happy New Year, everyone.



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31 12 2011

Well said TJ. Happy New Year to you as well. Hoping for a happy, healthy new year for everyone and all the horses too!!

31 12 2011
Linda Horn

Getting a bit teary here. TJ, I know I’ve thanked you many times for all you do. You transport me and so many others into a world that passes understanding. As for the horses, we have no real way of knowing what they would think or say. If I had to guess, it would be, “Please let us live out our lives in peace and freedom!” Not a bad thought as we enter a new year.

1 01 2012

Beautiful words.
Beautiful photographs.
Beautiful Mustangs.
Appreciate you TJ.

1 01 2012

Your photos of the horses are always amazingly beautiful … I get to be near them through you … Thank you! I look forward to seeing more in 2012. Happy New Year to you and yours!! Hugs from Canon City, CO …

1 01 2012
Karen Schmiede

Happy New Year TJ. I hope all the horses and people have a good 2012. Thanks for all the great photos. The horses are all so beautiful. If it wasn’t for you, many of us would never get to see them.

1 01 2012

Thanks to all of YOU for your support and love of our beautiful mustangs!

11 01 2012
Karen Keene Day

Hi TJ,
I can sense your reflections on life is what follows the trauma and great span of emotions after the roundup. I have felt an empty space for those gone, and for the unknown that awaits the wild horses still there and those to come…their future in our nation. Being overwhelmed with that I hasten back to what the horses teach me…”300 “t hings and more,as you said, and that we are entrusted to care of them. I know when I step onto the dirt of the ground in the Basin that I am transformed into their world and find a peace I do not anywhere else. I envy your frequent returns to be with them and the land on which they survive.
Peace and a better New Year to you and our horses, all horses.
Carry on, Karen

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