27 10 2011

Sorry about the quiet. Busy-ness. And I couldn’t even get out to the horses this week because of rain and snow. But we never complain about moisture around here!

Another pic of Mysterium and Kootenai from a couple-of-weeks-ago visit … could have bottled that light and the horses with it … and here it almost looks like I did just that …

How lovely are they, gorgeous girls that they are?!

Our Wild Bunch had a meeting last night. We had a long list of discussion points, but what I enjoyed most was the talk of two of our members about the horses they’ve adopted. Their faces light up, and they could talk forever – and I could listen. 🙂 It’s an amazing thing, the connections these horses forge with us, with each other, connecting us to people we might never have known. Fortunate are we who learn their language without demanding they know ours.



4 responses

27 10 2011
Alice Billings

Beautiful thoughts….Connection…that is what it is all about…..if only each of us would step into our light.

27 10 2011
Linda Horn

Two lovely ladies at peace with the world. That kind of light is so brief … and you captured the image beautifully! Lots of rain here, but no snow so far. I hope Steeldust is lovin’ that bran mash and has made friends with whatever windbreak or shelter is available.

27 10 2011

Beautiful baby and beautiful mama in a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing, TJ.

Little Mysterium stays as cute as ever.

28 10 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Love the photo – It’s what we call the “magic light” – thanks for posting it! A special thanks for connecting us to the horses and to people who love them! We are the richer for it and hugely grateful…

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