Fierro and Cougar

5 10 2011

Before I found out about Hook, I was working on updates about some of our adopted mustangs. Some great rain yesterday here in Southwest Colorado has put off my trip to the horses … so I’m going to go ahead and post these.

From Lacie, who adopted Fierro and Cougar: “The picture I am sending is of my 3-year-old daughter feeding Fierro by hand in the pen. I adopted both Cougar and Fierro, and they are doing wonderful. Cougar is still a little shy, but Fierro is very friendly and nosey. The picture was taken on Sept 27.”

How great is that? I think these two have found friends for life.

Lacie, thank you so much for adopting these boys and for giving us this update!  Fierro looks marvelous!



2 responses

5 10 2011

They are absolutly in love with each other!

6 10 2011

Wow, that’s just great! So glad to hear so many positive updates.

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