5 10 2011

Awful news from Canon City … Hook is dead. According to the email, “He broke his neck when he escaped when they were trying to get him through a chute for gelding.”

Hook is the stallion that jumped out of the alley during sorting during the roundup, right before Cinch broke his neck. Hook also had jumped fences (at least two) shortly after he arrived at Canon City.

One of the big things our group members observed during the roundup was that most injuries – and Cinch’s death – occurred in the alley and chute during sorting and/or processing. That’s another thing we’ve added to our work in the MUST CHANGE category.

He had been a bachelor for at least a couple of years before he finally separated out Ember and Pinon last winter (2010), though he had briefly stolen Piedra and Sage before that before losing them back to Hollywood. Hook had been one of the “low men” bachelors, but in my experience, it’s those boys who have been able to quietly split off their mares. Soon after he went off from Steeldust’s band with Ember and Pinon, Hannah and then Sable (both just yearlings then) joined them. Fierro, likely sired by Mouse, joined the band on the Fourth of July last year, and, of course, Hook raised him like his own.

He got ever so much more attention when he became a band stallion, and I could always see the confusion in him about the attention.

Twister had his full attention on the band when he got hurt this summer, about a week after Indy was born …

Hook was another stallion that people connected with because of his obvious desire to be wild. He will never be forgotten, and his spirit will live on in his foals, when they’re born. Hannah, Sable and Ember all found good homes (Ember and Sable together). I always wondered whether he was related to Comanche, at least. Will never know, but I hope it’s true.

I’m still thinking of a longer photo tribute to Cinch, so I’ll try to put together a combined one now for these two Spring Creek Basin stallions that meant so much to all of us.



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5 10 2011

This is very sad indeed. To Hook, I guess it was “live free or die.” What a horrible experience it must be to lose their freedom.

Have you heard any news on how the foals are doing? I worry about the little guys.

5 10 2011

Wow. I had hoped everything else would go fine, and this is terrible. When I saw the first sentence my heart just broke. Poor guy, I hope the others are OK. I’m glad to know Ember and Sable are together, though.

5 10 2011
Tami Lewis

Sorting and gelding MUST be done through a slower process. It is devastating to a stallion to be separated from his band. Stallions will do anything to survive, they are prey animals. My greatest desire is to affect change in this area. There is no rush to separate and geld these horses. Our prayers go out to Hook and TJ.

5 10 2011

What sad news. It’s so sad to see Hook go in such a similar way that Cinch did. For me, he was always one of those horses that was always there. Not always the center of attention or one that caused lots of drama, but he was always there. He’ll be missed now more then before.

6 10 2011
Linda Horn

“See how your horses all come dancing!” I looked, and there were horses, horses everywhere — a whole skyfull of horses dancing around me.” Black Elk

Farewell, Hook. You have found your freedom with the horses dancing in the sky.

6 10 2011
Karen Schmiede

How sad. May he rest in peace.

6 10 2011

Linda .. love that .. thank you.

7 10 2011

Another one of my favorites…gone. Hook was made from the origianl wild horse mold. He was so solid and tough looking. Like he could make it through the longest, bitterest winter and survive the driest drought. He was meant to stay wild and that’s how I will always remember him. My biggest problem with the BLM is that they haven’t fixed this issue yet. How many stallions will die this way before someone makes them update their equipment and their procedures? My heart breaks anew every time I read about it happening again and again and again!

7 10 2011
Puller Lanigan

Oh TJ, that is awful news. I am so sad to hear this. I remember seeing pix of Hook in previous blogs and he had that classic mustang head and face. I couldn’t place him when I read bout Cinch, but now that I see his photos….I remember him well. Who is left of the herds you wrote about? Did I read correctly that only 15 horses were released back into the wild?

I cringed to read they were gelding Hook. This is a travesty.

7 10 2011

None of the horses will ever leave our hearts and memories, knowing them as we did, whether they’re lost to us by adoption or by more permanent means.

We released 12 horses that had been captured (by the EA, we expected to release 10). Forty-two horses are currently in the basin. I’ve been posting pix and info about them by band.

9 10 2011
Lynn and Kathy

We called Hook the “Pied Piper of Spring Creek” when we saw him with Hannah, Sable, Pinon and Ember last May. He took care of them and he will be *taken care of in our memories.*

Well done, Hook, well done….

9 11 2011
Alexandra Nicole

I just met Hook tonight via the tribute painting done by Running Horses Studio on Facebook, I’m so sad to hear that this beautiful and caring stallion lost his life this way. He will stick with me in my mind even though I never had the privilege of meeting him – something in his eyes and demeanor just speaks to the soul. RIP, Hook, wherever you are now I hope you’re free.

15 01 2012
Stu Ross

Right on Bindle. Live free or die. God rest his sweet soul. :~(

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