Storm’s band

29 09 2011

Storm’s band was brought to the trapsite during the roundup, but only Baylee was captured (she’s awaiting adoption now at Canon City). Storm galloped past observers on the hill to the northwest, and Tenaz hid on the backside of Filly Peak. The day after everything was done and everyone was gone, Tenaz showed up with Corona. Unfortunately for the youngster (he’s 1), Traveler made short work of that liaison, and now he has Corona (back – he stole her originally in the spring).

But Tenaz managed to make his way back home, where he’s now reunited with Storm.

When we left everything Sunday, we passed Shadow … If I could have told someone where to look for her under normal circumstances, there she was. I thought David might find her there, but apparently not. She’s a fair distance from there now, and I did not find David.

Though Shadow and Bounce are both black (Bounce has a right hind fetlock marking; Shadow doesn’t have a speck of white), they’re pretty easily identifiable from a distance. Shadow is little bitty (which explains why her foals, Wind and Coal, were among the smallest of the youngsters).

Storm’s usual territory this summer is exactly where he’s back to hanging out. Bounce also called that area home quite a bit this year, and he was close to the little band.

In 2007, Bounce was aged at 20. This year, he was aged at 14-15. I think this year’s check is probably more accurate. He looks pretty darn good, eh?

My first glimpse of Shadow, Tenaz and Storm as I walked up the trail.

Now I readily admit that Storm is a big boy, but the size difference is considerable. He turned 3 in late July.

Here’s Shadow – who is 4, by the way – with Tenaz, who is a yearling.

They were all very comfortable with each other.

Tenaz is going to be a handsome boy like daddy Hollywood.



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