Traveler’s band

28 09 2011

In 2005, Traveler was aged at 10. In 2007, he was aged at 17. In 2011, he was aged at … “aged.”

In 2005, Traveler lost about half his band to the roundup. In 2007, he lost all his band. In 2011, one daughter went to Canon City (Gemma, with some lameness issues; she has an interested adopter) and one was adopted (Deniz). One daughter (Terra) is with Chrome. He has regained Houdini and Corona and added Alegre (and Aurora) and Gaia. I think somebody forgot to tell the boy how “old” he is. 😉

Alegre and Houdini

Corona, Gaia and Aurora

Corona and Traveler

Traveler and Houdini

Houdini has a story to tell about how she got from Bounce to Traveler – he’s in the same place I found him last week, but Bounce has moved. She seems content … and she’s not talking (to me).



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