Pinto band (Ty’s band)

29 09 2011

Ty is the color holdout in the new pinto band. Corazon was back in home territory, and Copper was alone, and Chipeta was leading her group on merry walkabout. Every time I saw them, they were quite a bit farther from where I’d previously seen them. They ended up back where I saw them a week ago.

Maiku at left, Reya behind Puzzle, Chipeta and Ty bringing up the rear.

Mama Chipeta and daughter Puzzle (1) make a striking pair. Chipeta’s colt is doing extremely well with his adopter.

Looking back at some of the other bands in the area.

Darn greasewood. 🙂 Ty with Maiku and Reya.

And off they went: 4-year-old Reya, her yearling brother Maiku (Kiowa’s daughter and son) and Chipeta (who is probably about 6-7). Hollywood’s and Comanche’s were coming to check them out.



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