Look what flew in with the fireworks!

8 07 2011

Ember was due July 4.

I think this little guy is 1 to 3 days old. Which makes him … well … right on time! 🙂

Fierro gets a closer look at his new baby brother.

Still all angles and a bit wobbly. That’s Aunt Hannah (Ember’s little sister) at right.

Yes, mama, how beautiful is your boy!

Sweet faces

I think it’s likely he’ll turn grey with both grey parents (Hook is daddy); Ember was born this color.

How sweet is he? You are well come to your planet, baby!

Bugs are bad, and it’s hot, and it’s dry. Another pond dry (we’re down to two with water). Most of the bands have left the east pocket – that pond is dry, and Sorrel Flats will be soon. The trickle is drawing horses again – it’s a trickle of last resort. We were getting rain when I left, but the first time it rained, the raindrops were dry about 2 seconds after they hit the dirt. Early monsoons this year? They can’t come soon enough.



2 responses

8 07 2011
Teresa Irick

What a cutie! Do you have a name picked out yet? We suggest Indy, short for Independence 🙂
Hope you get some rain down there soon!!

9 07 2011

I was out with friends, and I asked if she’d name him, but then we didn’t find him that day. But that’s a great one to fall back on!

Durango got POURED on last night … Not a drop in Mancos, 30 miles away. Dunno whether the basin got any. Sooooooo dry.

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