Juniper and family

16 05 2011

Thanks to photographer Claude Steelman, Kestrel’s filly has a new name: Juniper! The baby girl does LOVE trees! Claude found Juniper when she was just hours old. He also named young Pinon when he was born two years ago (crikey, that’s another birthday I’m behind on!).

I don’t know how you’ll stand the cuteness … brace yourselves. πŸ™‚

One of the first photos I took of her when I first found her family, standing – where else? – with her namesake juniper! Check out the banding on her legs. I’ve noticed this in several foals when they’re very young. Most of the time, they seem to fade with age.

Mama Kestrel and her new baby girl. Kestrel is Luna’s daughter … she learned from the best!

Handsome daddy Comanche

Sweetest big sister Winona – she’s whinnying after mama and stepdaddy.

Mama and her girls

Are you seeing a theme in the surroundings?

Or this recognizable, purely Spring Creek Basin landmark?

Dearheart girl and your angel baby – so beautiful!

Baby girl was wandering around – she’s already quite independent – and mama ended up on the other side of that fallen tree. Juniper tried to paw at it a bit, but she couldn’t quite seem to lift her long legs high enough to get over it, so mama came back to the rescue.

Don’t you want to give that little muzzle the softest little smooch!?

Are you all in love yet?

Yeah …

I’m totally gone … again. πŸ™‚



5 responses

16 05 2011

kestrals new filly is a beauty , i must say that this is my favorite foal season so far!! How are you TJ?

16 05 2011

Ha – you have to ask?? I’m wonderful with all these new babies! Focusing on the here and now … πŸ™‚ Hope you’re well, Alex!

16 05 2011

What is it about Kestrel’s foals!! This one grabbed me almost as much as Winona did!! LOVE those long, inward pointing ears and those eyes…… This is my favorite foal so far this year. Love her color too and Juniper is a perfect name!

16 05 2011

Oh my goodness–cute, cute, cute!!! What a wonderful mama. They look incredibly healthy.

17 05 2011

Billie – I don’t know, either … some secret love that glows right through them? πŸ™‚

Linda – Indeed! And they’re in great shape!

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