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16 05 2011

Most of the horses are now in the interior part of the basin that is accessible by roads. W, those pintos’ ears must have been burning when we were talking about them because even they are “up”! I couldn’t believe my eyes (or my binoculars) when I saw them on the north side of Flat Top … and when they advanced all the way to Knife Edge? Wow! Looking for water? Adventure? In any case, they are very visible. The three mares – mama Kiowa and her daughters Reya and Spook – are all pregnant (and no, the fillies aren’t pregnant by their sire(s), who was (were) likely removed during the 2007 roundup) – though they and their mama are pregnant by (likely) the same stallion: band stallion Copper).

So just David and his family remain in the McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area part of the basin – the area NOT accessible by roads. And the horseback group in Saturday’s count spotted them! They were the only horses I didn’t see, so between us all (and other folks who drove in saw more horses), we saw all the horses!

I thought I’d go back and tweak some more pix from the last time I saw Coal, Shadow’s and David’s new son – which was also the first time I saw him! He’s about two weeks old in these photos, taken about 2.5 weeks ago. I guess I need to go see them again!

David. Isn’t he striking? And though you can’t see it in any of these images, three of his legs also are touched by white.

David and his yearling son, Wind. You can’t see his legs, either, but he has a hind sock.

Early in the visit … Mama and baby and daddy …

Mama Shadow and baby Coal. He’s coal black – 🙂 – with just a little bitty star. Shadow is one of the wariest mamas in the basin, but after she seemed OK with me just standing there, she grazed very calmly while I was with them.

Shadow was orphaned during her first winter when her elder mama, Ceal, died. Shadow went back to the pintos, with whom she and Ceal had spent some time that fall, and David stole her away the next year when the Southside Boys bachelor band drove Bruiser away. She and David have been together ever since!

Handsome guy

Daddy and his big boy …

Mama and her boys. 🙂

All together. As wary as Shadow usually is, I had a really nice, lovely visit with them … and got very few images of her actually looking at me. I really don’t mind that at all. Wind always used to nurse like that, too – between her hind legs. I saw him nurse like that more often than I saw him nurse from her side. Funny how Coal does the same.

And one more of David, who WAS ever-watchful!



2 responses

16 05 2011

David is indeed a handsome boy, but then, I am a sucker for those bays!!! He has beautiful babies too.

17 05 2011

Love them! They are such a sweet family.

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